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India nabs six for corporate spying

NEW DELHI — Indian police have arrested six people including a senior journalist on charges of stealing top-secret documents from India's petroleum ministry and selling them on to energy companies, police said Friday. The arrests foll [Read story...]

Yemen forex exchange reserves stabilize

DUBAI — Yemen's foreign exchange reserves have stabilized after a steep fall due to its political turmoil, but ballooning government debt issuance indicates the country may be moving closer to a fiscal crunch, central bank data showed [Read story...]

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The dollar drag

This file photo shows a Pepsi Cola plant in the United States. The biggest obstacle for Pepsi and other US companies these days isn't tied to taste tests, the declining popularity of sugary drinks or even their century-long rivalry. It's t [Read story...]

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War over air fares

DALLAS — US airlines have been sparring for several years with fast-growing Arabian Gulf rivals that seem to be poaching passengers from the Americans. Now, a CEO’s comment that dragged 9/11 into the debate has escalated the figh [Read story...]

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5,000-yr-old underground city unearthed in Turkey

ARCHAEOLOGISTS in Turkey unearthed an underground city in the Central Anatolian province of Nev?ehir, already known for its Fairy Chimney rock formation, Turkey’s Hurriyet Daily News reported. A network of tunnels and passages, believed to [Read story...]

The US is trying ‘passive tough love’ in Iraq

WHEN the United States withdrew its last troops from Iraq at the end of 2011, both Washington and Baghdad said Iraq was ready to defend itself. The rise of radical and self-proclaimed Sunni group IS has proven that belief wrong. Yet senior White Hou [Read story...]


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Right wing attack on French ideals

Thu, 2015-12-24 01:24 The French government — understandably jittery following the Paris attacks last month but which also has a long and troubled history with its immigrant population — had been considering revoking… [Read story...]

A make-or-break situation

Thu, 2015-12-24 01:24 It was an irresistible promise: Elect me, I’ll bring back Japan’s once-soaring economy and restore its battered national pride. Three years later, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is facing the enormity… [Read story...]

Norway’s unusual gesture

Thu, 2015-12-24 01:24 Selecting a birthday present for someone very close to you sometimes appears to be an uphill task. Everybody wants to select the best possible birthday present for his or her near and dear ones…. [Read story...]

Yemenis can extend visa via Absher

Wed, 2015-12-23 01:14 RIYADH: Yemeni expatriates can extend their visit visas by paying a fee of SR100 and applying online through the Absher system, an official of the General Directorate of Passports has said…. [Read story...]